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Jewellery Care Tips - How To Care Jewellery?

05/02/2023 | Glowovy Shop

Following some very easy caring tips, you can protect the jewellery from being damaged. Care your jewellery for saving money and emotions simultaneously.

Jewellery is a beautiful way to express yourself. It adds a touch of luxury to your everyday look. From ancient times jewellery has been playing a vital role to look fascinating. Jewellery is sure to wear in the programs like weddings, engagements or birthday parties. Some regular ornaments are also used for daily look. Some pieces of jewellery may be very expensive in their price tags. On the contrary, you may have a piece of a simple bracelet with no asset value but with great emotion. Every pricey, non-pricey jewellery has its own story. This is why caring for this jewellery is necessary. So that you can preserve them with the same quality, same shine and protect them from scratches or damages. But, how can you do that?

For jewellery care, you have to ensure that all the jewelleries like an engagement ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet putting into separate pouches or, bags. Like this kind of storing process with individual bags, there will be no scratches or other damages. One more important jewellery caring tip is to avoid harsh chemicals touch. If the jewellery comes to touch with the chemicals like pool water or lotion, it can easily deteriorate.

Owning luxurious pieces of jewellery can often be an invaluable asset. Sometimes emotions are related to some pieces of jewellery. Apart from using individual boxes for jewellery storage and keeping away jewellery from chemicals, there are lots of tips to care for and preserve the exact shine of the jewellery for the years to come.

Jewellery Care

How To Care Jewellery?- Tips

Cleaning and Caution: 

Cleaning is very important to keep your jewellery dirt free. If you clean your jewellery once a year, the jewellery will shine for a longer time. There are some cautions to follow while cleaning the ornaments.

  • Firstly, you should take some water in a separate bowl to clean the jewellery. Because if you wash the jewellery with running tap water, the delicate parts of jewellery may detach.
  • Washing the jewellery with mild soap and lukewarm water is a good idea.
  • Avoiding harsh soaps with chemicals is a must. As this can deteriorate the shine of the jewellery.
  • Always clean the jewellery very carefully. Otherwise, jewellery can get some scratches. And the scratches surely damage the beauty of any jewellery.

 Protect Jewellery From Sweat and Chemicals:

  • In pool water, your favorite jewellery can lose its quality. Pool water has some chemicals. This chemical should be away from jewellery. Even the sea water is filled with too much salt. This water is bad for silver or gold jewelry.
  • In the gym, a man generally sweats very much. The jewellery should not keep in touch with this sweat.
  • Daily we use hand lotion, perfumes, or sunscreen. These products have some chemicals. We should be extra careful that the jewellery stays away from this type of skincare item. After applying skincare products, you just make sure that the products are finely absorbed into your skin. Only then you can wear your piece of ornaments.
  • By any chance, if the ornaments keep in touch with the harsh chemicals, wash them right away and dry them as soon as possible.

Keep Away From Heat and Sunlight: 

  • Undoubtedly, sunlight is good in every way. But too many UV rays can damage our skin. Just like this way, the jewellery may look dull by exposing it to too much sunlight. Sometimes pearls can bleach with extreme exposure to sunlight. Some ornaments can even get darker by absorbing the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Even during cooking, you have to be cautious. The heat from cooking can fade your jewellery. 

Storing Jewellery Individually:

One of the mandatory tips for caring jewellery is to store them individually. The individual storing process can save your ornaments from damaging and scratching also. If you are not wearing some jewelleies for now, then you can just put them into a box. But, putting them into a single box will not benefit you. They can get entangled with each other over time. Thus some portions of ornaments can be damaged easily. So follow these steps:

  • Buy an organized jewellery box. There will be different sections to store your different types of jewellery such as necklaces, lockets, rings, earing, nose pins, etc. 
  • The jewellery box should be padded. Or else you can mold your jewellery with a soft cloth. Then place them in the required sections of the jewellery box.
  • Don’t put so much jewellery in a single section. This may lead to scratches. So, place them individually.
  • While you are traveling, arrange cotton to keep the jewellery in it. This can help you to have them damage free.
  • Vacuumed pouches are very good options to store your jewellery for a very long time.

Warranty of Your Jewellery:

When you invest your money into some expensive jewellery, make sure to a warranty card. Pricey ornaments such as gold, diamond, or sapphire need professional cleaning. Warranty papers will provide you with the opportunity to have your jewellery cleaned free of cost.

Moreover, the warranty or protection card can give you some more benefits. By chance, if a necklace is broken somehow, then within warranty time you can fix them from the store without any charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Care for My Jewellery?

Always keep the jewellery in a dry place. Clean them once or twice a year. Properly store them.

How Often Should I Clean Jewellery?

Once or twice a year.

What Should I Avoid To Care About Jewellery?

Keep away your jewellery from too much sunlight, perfumes, lotions, pool, and sea water.

Is It Necessary To Clean My Jewellery?

Yes. Because if you clean your jewellery, then it will always be shiny.

Should I Clean My Jewellery Every Day?

No. Excessive wash can damage your jewellery.


Expensive or artificial jewelley, both have their respective demands. Sometimes you invest only your money in buying jewellery. Sometimes your precious emotions are also added to this jewellery. Caring jewellery is necessary to store them with the same color, shine, and quality. Your next generation even can get your jewellery just the way you bought it. Caring for your jewellery can save your money also. One piece of earing can go a long way with your care. This is why don’t waste your jewelry just for the lack of care.