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How to Care for Pearls Jewelry?

27/01/2023 | Glowovy Shop

Pearl is one of the most precious and rare pieces of jewelry. A diamond might last you forever, but with appropriate maintenance, pearls can also last for generations. If you have purchased a Pearl necklace for your beloved, you may wonder how to care for pearls. How can I make my loved one happy for a very long time?

Caring for Pearls is not very hard. Cleaning the pearls regularly after wearing, them and storing them properly will ensure the longevity and prettiness of your precious pearl jewelry.

Our procedures will reveal the most effective methods to store, handle, and clean your pearls to retain their beauty and glow forever. Sharing these guidelines with your loved one will also have a positive influence on your bonding.

Why Do Pearls Require Special Care?

Pearls require proper care if you want them to retain their beauty forever. Like Diamonds, Pearls are also known to be eternal. Pearls are biological jewels that form inside living things. The process starts when an irritant enters the mussel or oyster and lodges itself within the oyster or mussel’s cell walls.

The oyster is now feeling irritated, so in order to calm itself down, it releases a liquid that has formed around the irritant. The fluid continues to form layers upon layer which later creates a pearl. These layers are known as Nacre. Nacre is comprised of solidified carbonate and a living protein called Conchiolin. Something else unique about pearls is their exceptional capacity for light reflection and refraction.

Each light beam that strikes the platelets of the pearls acts as a small kaleidoscope of colors, scattering the light beam and reflecting rainbow colors from the surface of the pearl. The capability of the light to pass through and reflect is controlled by the layers of Nacre. This is why protecting these layers from extreme heat, strong light rays, and chemicals is important.

How to Care for Pearls?

Even though Pearls are soft gemstones and are prone to scratches easily. But as mentioned above, with appropriate care, it is possible to retain the gorgeousness for generations of your pearl jewelry. Try to follow the procedures to retain your pearls in their original condition.

  1. Put your pearls on last. After you are done getting dressed, putting on lotion, cosmetics, etc. Then you can wear your pearl jewelry. And remove your pearls first before undressing.
  2. Avoid wearing pearls in the swimming pool, sauna, bath, or shower. It is a bad idea to submerge pearls in water as pearls are attached to your jewelry with glue, so the water may dissolve the glue.
  3. Do not go to sleep wearing your pearls. Remove your pearls before going to bed as the string may experience severe tension and eventually break.
  4. It is smart knowledge to wear pearls frequently. Your body moisture will keep the pearls moisturized and looking beautiful.
  5. Never wear your pearls if you are about to exercise, or join in a sport as you may be risking the pearl breaking.
  6. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe your pearls before keeping them away.
  7. Restring your pearl jewelry once a year. Wearing pearl jewelry regularly can accumulate dirt, therefore it is recommended to restring them yearly for keeping the strings clean.
  8. Don’t wear pearls with clothes made of rough fabric as they can get tangled with the string or cause scratches on the pearls.

How to Store Pearls

Storing your pearls properly is very important. Keeping them inside a cheap plastic box won’t be a good idea. To retain its beauty, follow these methods to keep your valuable pearls looking pristine.

  1. Always avoid keeping your pearls in plastic boxes or plastic bags. Pearls are not cheap gems, storing them properly is crucial. Plastic can discharge chemicals that can gradually erode the exterior of the pearl. Use a pouch made of soft cloth, cotton, or silk material or you can also use a chamois cloth to store the pearl inside safely.
  2. Make sure the room temperature where you will be storing your pearls is moderate. Don’t store it in excess heat or cold temperatures. Extreme heat can dehydrate the pearl which will cause discoloration or brittle nacre. Also, put it away from direct sunlight.
  3. Select a place only for keeping your pearls. Pearl ornaments should be stored on a flat surface instead of hanging and away from any contact with your other pieces of jewelry. Keeping them away from other jewelry means you are not risking any scratches as pearls are delicate material.
  4. Use a soft material pouch to store your pearls if you are traveling.

How to Clean Pearls

It is necessary to make sure your pearls are thoroughly cleaned to preserve their eternal beauty. Cleaning your pearls is not difficult, and it can be done easily by you in your home. The following methods will guide you to deep clean your pearls in the best and safest way possible:

  1. Start by mixing warm, not too hot or cold water, and add a little amount of laundry detergent or any organic environmentally friendly soap. Rub the solution over the stained pearl in a circular motion for 10-15 seconds depending on the stain. Avoid rubbing harshly. Also, try to avoid baking soda, vinegar, or lemon as they contain acids that may end up eroding your pearl.
  2. Use a damp cloth to rub the pearl gently and wipe off any soap residue and water.
  3. After you are done removing excess residue, dry your pearls with a clean dry cloth or towel. Then follow by putting the pearl flat on a surface and using an air dryer to dry the excess moisture.
  4. Avoid using home ordinary products like ammonia, bleach, or rubbing alcohol to clean the pearl.
  5. Don’t put the pearl jewelry into an ultrasonic ornament cleaner as you may end up damaging the pearls.



  • Can pearls be worn every day?

Yes. Wearing your pearl every day is good for the pearl because your body's moisture will keep the pearl moisturized and looking beautiful. But make sure to restring them annually if you will be wearing them regularly.

  • What can damage pearls?

Pearls are very delicate gemstones and should be taken care of properly. If the pearl comes in direct contact with perfume, sunblock, cosmetics, or hairspray it will dull the glow of the pearl dramatically as these products contain harsh chemicals.

  • Can you wear pearls in the shower?

It is not a good idea to wear pearls in the shower. Pearls are attached to your jewelry with glue; therefore, water can dissolve the glue and detach the pearls from the jewelry.


Pearl is one of the most precious pieces of jewelry to gift your loved one. Keeping your pearls in pristine condition forever is not very difficult to achieve. Following these basic tips will help your pearls retain their beauty for a generation. Try to wear your pearls regularly to maintain their beauty. Now that you know how to care for pearls and keep them pristine, go and put on yours.

We hope this guide has helped you to keep your pearls shining. Give your loved one a copy of this guide, and make the most of the chance to strengthen your bond and create new memories.