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Why Do We Wear Jewellery?

05/02/2023 | Glowovy Shop

Jewellery is a favorite method for us to adorn and express ourselves. But have we ever asked why do we wear jewellery? Here we have the 12 exciting reasons.

For centuries and centuries, humans have been making and wearing jewelleries. But have we ever thought or asked anyone why do we wear jewellery? Wearing jewellery has been an integral part of human culture for centuries.

It is believed that jewellery is a symbol of beauty, status and wealth. Jewellery can also be used to express one’s personality and style. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, jewellery can also be used as a form of protection from evil spirits or bad luck. Jewellery can also be a meaningful gift for those we care about, making it an important part of our lives. We wear jewellery to make ourselves feel beautiful and confident, as well as to show off our unique style and personality.

Let us find out more about why do we wear jewellery in detail. 

12 Interesting Facts About Why Do We Wear Jewellery

According to the research on jewellery lovers, we have found out these reasons why we wear jewellery. 

  1. Fashion

Fashion and beauty industry revolves around jewellery. Jewellery is one of those accessories which has never been out of fashion. With the sparkle of a pair of stone-studded earrings or the exquisite gold that goes well with our dressy outfit, jewellery's beauty is evident.

Every single item of jewellery enhances the appearance and attire of a person. Even if it is as simple and understated as a pair of dangling chain earrings or a striking necklace.

  1. Special Events

We humans love wearing jewellery whenever there is any special event. Women especially love to adorn themselves with jewellery for special events such as weddings and any kind of parties. Also, most fashionable men now also love playing with jewelleries during occasions. 

  1. Symbolism

We people also wear jewellery in terms of symbolizing something. People wear rings as a symbol of marriage all over the world. In some Asian countries, along with finger rings, girls wear a nose pin as a symbol of marriage. 

Married women of Hindu religion wear a necklace called ‘Mangalsutra’, believing that it will protect their husbands from bad things. Jewelleries can be full of meaning sometimes in each country and culture. 

  1. Cultural Importance

In many places around the world, people wear jewellery because it is a must thing to do in their cultures. Wearing jewellery can be important in the perspectives of culture because of their particular religion, race and community.

Amulets, stone necklaces and beading were among the first items people used to decorate themselves in India during the Indus valley culture.

  1. Jewellery Is An Investment

From our ancestors to till now, we buy gold jewellery to keep them as an investment. Investing in gold jewelleries has always been a wise decision for people. Whenever in need, it can always help us with money.

  1. Self Confidence

Studies have shown that wearing jewellery may significantly boost a person's sense of self-worth regardless of an individual's age or socioeconomic standing. 

One research has even shown that wearing jewellery made memory problem sufferers in nursing homes feel substantially more self-assured and content. 

You are engaging in yourself when you take the time to beautify yourself, even with the most basic earrings or the unique jewellery. You can be sure that this self-care will give you the confidence you need to handle everything life throws at you.

  1. Social Status

Many people wear different types of jewellery based on their social status. Social status and jewellery has always been together since the time jewellery was invented.

  1. Memories or Emotional Support

Sometimes jewellery works as great emotional support. For someone, whose loved ones gifted them jewellery, it can be a loving memory for them. Heart touching gifts from closed ones are always special and memorable. 

  1. Self Expression

Wearing jewellery is not just a way to accessorize an outfit, but also a way to express oneself. Jewellery has been used as a form of self-expression for centuries, and it can be used to showcase one's personality and style.

  1. Tradition

As jewellery is a part of our culture for centuries, its significance has been passed down from one generation to the next. Wearing jewellery is often seen as a sign of tradition, with each piece having its own special meaning. Jewellery can be used to express one's beliefs, values and identity, as well as to mark important occasions in life such as weddings and anniversaries.

It also serves an aesthetic purpose, allowing people to adorn themselves with beautiful pieces that reflect their individual style. Whether it's a simple necklace or an elaborate bracelet, jewellery is an important part of our lives and will continue to be so for many generations to come.

  1. Protection

One of the common reasons why most of us wear jewellery is to feel protected. Some people believe that a kind of jewellery can give them protection from bad things. For example, the Evil Eye is one of such famous jewellery.

  1. Sentimental Touch

ificance of various gemstones, birthstones, metals, and decorative items. The spiritual connection that some of us have with stones and crystals, helps to achieve some important things. Such as inner peace, healing and to be in harmony, and this can be through our religious views or personal beliefs. 

In this case, jewellery plays a vital role for us, when we are connected to it spiritually and religiously.

All of this leads to a variety of reasons why do we wear jewelry. It includes the pleasure of presenting and receiving it. In addition to the personal attachment that allows us to cherish special memories and situations, we do not want to forget.

Even today, wearing pricey jewelry might have social status implications. Still, for many of us, jewelry serves as an expressive medium for our personalities and hobbies, which help to define who we are.