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How to Package Jewellery?

05/02/2023 | Glowovy Shop

Eye-catching packaging can make a positive impression on your buyers because it's the first thing your buyers notice from your brand. Here’s how to package jewelry.

It is a common belief in people that good packaging for jewelry is not necessary, and it is just a waste of money. Because, once the customers buy something, they will get rid of the packaging as soon as unboxing their product. But is this true?

Knowing how to package jewelry is an important aspect of your brand and it resembles the quality and status of your brand. The benefits of good packaging will not be seeming at first, but it will make your customer feel like they have bought something premium and it will put a smile on their face. They will remember it.

Using a cheap zip-lock bag or a plastic bag will make your customers dissatisfied and it will give them a disappointing unboxing experience. So, to make your pieces of jewelry stand out to your customers, let us look at how to package jewelry.

Why is Jewellery Packaging Crucial for your Brand?

There are two main purposes to why is jewellery packaging important:

  • Safety

  • Branding

    Safety is very important when it comes to packaging. If a customer buys a piece of jewelry from you and in the way, it breaks due to poor packaging, they will not come back to you again. Jewellery is very fragile and delicate, and they are expensive. It will degrade your brand reputation therefore you will lose customers.

    Packaging jewelry in a premium material box and bag is a smart way to win your customers. It will give the customers a pleasing first impression and it will make them remember your brand name for the future. Respectable packaging will help you to enhance your brand reputation and attract more long-term buyers.

    What Sort of Packaging is Best for Jewellery?

    There are a few sorts of packaging available to store jewelry. Let's examine each of the choices:

    Jewellery Box

    Jewellery boxes are the most common packaging option available. These come in various shapes, materials, and designs to suit your brand theme. These can accommodate different pieces of jewelry and are sturdy enough to keep them secured inside.

    Jewellery Pouches

    Jewellery pouches are yet another traditional method of packaging jewelry. Pouches are cheaper yet modest methods but these won’t guarantee safety. Putting them inside a well-made box would do the trick.

    Pouches come in various materials, velvet, organza, or cotton. Pick the best that goes with your brand style and budget.

    Keep in mind that pouches are not the best if you want to store jewelry that can tangle, like necklaces and chains. You already know how frustrating it is to untangle them.

    Display Cards for Jewellery

    Just like the pouches, jewelry display cards are not ideal for protection. But these can be stored in a box or jewelry pouch. Jewellery display cards are designed to hold necklaces and earrings.

    How to Brand Jewellery Packaging to Win Customers' Favour?

    Just like packaging, branding is equally important to attract and impress customers. Proper branding would make it simpler for customers to remember and recognize your brand in the future. It makes your company stand out and more qualified.

    The smarter way is to go with custom-made jewelry boxes with your brand logo and name stamped on them. You can make the box look just the way you want and even better than the pre-made one. But that luxury comes at a bigger price. Therefore, you must have enough capital to choose this option.

    There are a few more economical options available. For example, wrapping paper, custom stickers, custom tape, etc.

    Using a proper quality box with your brand logo and name implemented would win customers’ favor.

    How to Store Your Everyday Jewellery?

    You want to make sure that the jewelry you would wear regularly, must be kept somewhere so you can grab them easily on the go. Let’s have a look at how to accomplish that:

    For Vanity or Unoccupied Countertop Space:
    • Get a nice jewelry stand.

    • Allocate space on the holder for your necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and dangles, and keep the rings, and stud earrings in the dish. 

    • An intriguing replacement for conventional jewelry stands is small cloth busts. You can either buy a simple chain to encircle the neck or hang your earrings off. 

    • Your earring hooks can be used to drape around the edge of the ring dish in case you run out of space on the stand. 

      For Drawer Space:
      • Time to gather all your jewelry boxes and create a temporary storage area.

      • Drawer separators, décor containers, and ornament boxes are necessary if you don’t want your jewelry to move around the drawers and create a mess inside.

      • Use a travel jewelry case for keeping your jewelry inside a drawer. These travel cases will protect your precious jewelry, prevents any damage, and most importantly keeps them in place no matter what the situation inside the drawer.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Question: What packaging is best for jewelry?

      Answer: Recyclable packaging is best for packaging jewelry. Recyclable materials like paper mailers, and recycled papers. Consider using biodegradable plastics instead of single-use plastic. Tell your customers to recycle jewelry pouches and boxes to store their jewellery at home. 

      2. Question: How do you pack jewelry for a post?

      Answer: Start by cleaning the jewelry and laying them on a flat, spotless surface. Next, use tissue paper or a paper towel to wrap the jewelry and place it inside a clear plastic bag for protection. That’s it.

      3. Question: What is the best material to use for packaging?

      Answer: 5 best materials to use for packaging are:

      • Bubble Cushioning

      • Styrofoam

      • Packing paper

      • Packing kits

      • Packing foam


      Jewellery is one of the most precious items for us. You should make sure to provide the best ways to package these precious items for customers. Making customers happy and knowing how to package jewelry will boost your brand’s reputation and relationship with the customers.

      We hope this guide has helped you understand more about packaging jewellery and how you can be benefited from it.